" Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius.

And it's better to be absolutely ridiculous...than absolutely boring."



     This is how I view my art, my ideas. The unusual piques my interest and opens up whole new areas in my imagination. With my previous studies in graphic arts, and after working for twenty-five years in the fashion industry, I found a calling to put all the pieces together.

     I work with a variety of mediums, including architectural and polymer clays, resins, and various paints.


     Each tile is made with meticulous detail, sometimes with built-up layers for added dimension. The mosaic boxes are then grouted with beads, metal chains, and semi-precious stones.  My series of "Byzantine Boxes" host various compartments along with

collages and paintings.


     At a time where war, politics and the economy are taking a toll on us, it is my intention to divert us from a world that is much too serious to a different place where imaginations can play.

Photography by Geoff Martin © 2016-2018 cyndybrownart.com